Never lose your phone again!

Your great grandparents will remember this bit of nostalgia: carrying electronics kit devoted to voice and text communication. Let’s face it, your mobile phone is bulky, easy to misplace and awkward to use. The reason for this sad state of affairs is simple: there’s a practical limit to how small, and how portable, you can make a phone. Displays have to be large enough to read, after all. And then there’s the issue of operation. Even if you forego a touch interface on the device, none of the alternatives are ideal. Voice commands, hand and finger gestures do work, but aren’t very private or secure.
Introducing the headphone!
Thanks to modern advances in molecular electronics, it’s now possible to implant an actual mobile phone right inside your skull. The perfect hands- and voice-free phone, this device is operated via thought, with display output sent directly to your visual cortex. Originally developed for the military, today’s headphones are reasonably priced with financing available to qualified buyers. And installation by our certified medical practitioners is covered by most insurance plans.
So don’t wait, call our phone URL today and make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.

Read more about the Headphone here.

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