Going Dark (Update #1)

From: Theodore Smith, Director
To: Agent Wilson
Date: March 12, 2036
Subject: Operation Barbershop

We managed to remove the boys’ YouTube video using a standard DMCA takedown notice. That should buy us some time. But it’s vital those two don’t create another. We got lucky this time. If the Internet gets hold of this, there’ll be no stopping it. I shouldn’t need to tell you what’ll happen if our enemies get hold of this tech.
To answer your question, under no circumstances are the two to be harmed in any way. Keep hounding them until they feel they have no choice but to retrieve their research notes prior to a general release. We can’t risk those notes falling into unfriendly hands, which is the likely result if the two turn up missing or dead. Once you have those notes, then and only then are Renman and Quinn to be terminated.
Don’t screw this up, Wilson. I already have the President breathing down Lucifer’s proverbial neck. We lose control of this situation and they’ll be fitting us all for rope neckties.

One more thing. As of now, you’re those boys’ guardian angel. Until we get our hands on that research, you’re to do whatever it takes to keep them safe. I don’t care what you have to do, or who you have to kill. Just get it done. Our latest intel has both MI6 and Mossad looking for them. That makes five countries in play. The chessboard’s getting crowded, Wilson. Watch yourself.

see GoingDark in Unfinished Works

(c) 2015 Thomas F. Brown, All Rights Reserved.


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