After Action Report: 360 Lepi

To: General I. Takashi, StratCom HQ
From: Colonel G. Baxter, StratCom Logistics Region 4
Subject: Rabbit’s Hole (360 Lepi)
Sent: June 13, 2201


The supply outpost designated “Rabbit’s Hole” in the 360 Lepi star system has been destroyed by an overwhelming enemy force consisting of five large asteroid ships. I managed to escape with about a hundred men, but the rest are gone, along with the supplies and equipment stored at the outpost. Aside from the question of how the Altose Kamm knew we were there, the use of such overwhelming force would indicate they were looking for something, perhaps some sort of regional headquarters. I have forwarded what little data I was able to collect to the Intelligence boys at Eye-Two. Maybe they can learn something from it, I don’t know. This was just a minor supply depot. There’s  no reason for such a massive display of force.

Thank God we weren’t a civilian colony!

(c) 2015 Thomas F. Brown, All Rights Reserved.


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