Light Bearer (teaser)

Author’s note: This is another one of my future-history ideas that deserves to be fleshed-out, either as a novel or short-story. I was thinking this is (maybe) how the first Lunar colony was established, which would bring with it its own whirlwind of international politics. Like Going Dark, this story would portray a world caught-up in the same paranoia and dysfunction as the present-day. By the way, Project Lucifer, along with the Alaskan underground vault, was introduced in the last two volumes of The Version Sequence, A-Version and Con-Version.

For a hundred years, Project Lucifer has remained a covert part of the Federal Government, supposedly tasked with protecting the Earth from alien incursions. But the truth is, there are no aliens! The top-secret agency actually functions as Search-and-Rescue for manned spacecraft from Earth’s future, preventing tomorrow from impacting the world of today.
But that mission is thrown into jeopardy when a consultant working with the agency discovers a cache of “alien” wreckage stored beneath the Alaskan wilderness. Armed with that knowledge, along with a dump of Lucifer’s internal database, he sets out to hand mankind the stars, unaware that the Past is not set in stone, and his dream may destroy the present by changing the future.

(c) 2016 Thomas F. Brown, All Rights Reserved.



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