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I’m a computer programmer by trade, and so it will come as no surprise that my biggest fictional hero has always been Asimov’s Harri Seldon (see The Foundation Series). The future can be predicted — all you need is a big enough data sample.

I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I was fifteen years old and borrowed my sister’s electric typewriter to hammer out my own (unoriginal) episodes of popular television shows. Unfortunately, I never found the time or the patience to carry the idea any further.

My first novel, the initial volume in my six-book series “The Version Sequence” had its genesis in the pilot episode for a radio drama series, entitled “Spacetime”, which I wrote in college. Unable to garner any interest from my friends and fellow college students, that pilot as well as its followup episodes, died a quiet death. The first two chapters of Di-Version are, in fact, the novelization of that unproduced pilot script, “The UFO”. Since that time, I thought about the fate of my astronaut hero/anti-hero, Max, developing the story piece by piece until I finally had to write it all down.

As for what my own future holds, I’m afraid I don’t have enough data points to say. Where is Harri when you need him the most?